Our History

Ramiro Deleon Roel founded La Fama Foods in 1982; with the help of his spouse he started work. He began with a single three-row machine and cooked 300lbs. of corn a day making about 20-25 cases of tortillas. The company’s product line consisted of only corn tortillas at this time. The distribution area began locally with a few customers and slowly progressed into Dallas, Houston, and Shreveport. Mr. Roel made deliveries until he was able to hire a driver. With a lot of hard work, the company slowly began to make a name for itself. In 1986, the company incorporated and became La Fama Foods, Inc.

La Fama Foods, Inc. now has numerous lines in operation and cooks several thousand pounds of corn a day. The product line has also expanded to include corn tortillas in several sizes, colors and thickness, flour tortillas in different sizes and thickness, wraps, chips, taco shells, chalupa shells, masa and tamales. The distribution area has grown as well and currently La Fama now services businesses nation wide. La Fama Foods, Inc. now has its own distribution fleet and also uses the help of food distributors.

La Fama Foods, Inc. is a family owned business with the second generation overseeing every aspect of the operation.